Trust, honesty, transparency, competence, expertise, support. We have built solid relationships with our business partners based on these foundations and share a common objective to grow business together. We offer several services in sales that are supported by our continued presence in the marketplace. 

We carry out sales representations in Middle East market which are focused on sourcing new business, including the contracting of tour operators. A tailor-made sales strategy is put in place for every partner making sure we create a connection to the relevant travel agents or tour operators. We also offer our agents product training and assist them by organizing familiarization trips.

We attend the most important trade events and exhibitions showcasing and actively promoting the products we are proud to represent. On top of this we organize ad hoc events for product launches or dedicated sales events and can also offer outsourced services such as a reservations call center or sales and marketing manager or director service roles.

All in all, you can rest assured that we use our 70 years’ experience and contacts to lever the best possible opportunities around the globe.


With so many products on the market, it is important to develop a marketing strategy that will ensure your unique product is put in front of the people who are most likely to choose it. We can work with you to develop a thorough marketing strategy or, if you prefer, simply focus on one or two crucial areas that will get you noticed.

We are experts in branding strategy with more than 70 years experience working with leading brands in many different industries. No matter whether well-known international brands or small boutique hotels, we adopt a custom-made approach to fit the product and positioning in the relevant markets.

Nowadays it is important to harness the power and potential of social media. We can develop and manage successful social media campaigns in all channels. Moreover, we believe in holistic brand design and first carry out a macro analysis. We then define the assets to develop your individual brand tools.

There is a wealth of opportunities for our partners. Let us work out a tailor-made strategy that will help you get the most out of marketing and put your product firmly on the map.

Public Relation

Everyone has a story to tell:

storytelling is our craft and we work with clients to identify the themes and hooks that will resonate with the media and inspire the audience they are looking to reach. Our PR campaigns are tailored to the individual needs of the client and we leverage the powerful relationships we have cultivated with journalists, influencers, and celebrities over the years, to generate outstanding exposure for our clients in their relevant media.

1.  Digital communications


Shaping, supporting, and maintaining a compelling online presence for our clients is key. We offer a flexible approach and can tailor our services to the needs of the client, whether that is creating inspiring content for the client’s digital channels, identifying, and engaging targeted influencers or devising social media strategy. We place stories and content on news, lifestyle and specialist websites, blogs and communities and also offer comprehensive community management, where we build feeds and maintain communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and many more.

2.  Strategic PR


We are the “press office” for our clients, assuming the role of professional, respected, and experienced point of contact for the media. In addition to media relations, press release writing and press trip co-ordination, we deliver memorable media events and co-ordinate high level interview schedules. On top of this we also create inspiring media promotions, competitions and brand partnerships as well as conducting media training, research, and nominating clients for relevant awards while at the same time managing or shaping strategy for clients’ social media channels.  

We are available 24/7 for crisis management support. Most importantly, we are the eyes, ears and voice of our clients within the media, keeping abreast of what the media wants and using our creative flair to pitch compelling story ideas.

Moving forward together:

Reviewing processes and adapting to an evolving market is part and parcel of daily business life. This requires both flexibility and agility and each individual company and project requires a different approach. We don’t just adopt models and apply them across the whole industry. Instead we work closely with our clients as an extension of their own team to find the specific answers they are looking for. The goal? To bring your business forward and help you stay ahead in a competitive market.

1.        Consultancy and partnerships

We are here to assist you and your organization in any way you need us. This could be as an educator, a resource, a facilitator, or someone to support a change. Yet rest assured, whichever role we play in helping, the leadership of the process remains within your organization.

Our experience ranges from acquisitions and mergers to launching new brands, hotels, or cruise products. We can help at any step of the process and have a long background in helping set up product standards and training programs as well as seeing the latter professionally delivered.

Getting your strategic planning and branding on point is very important at all times, not just when starting up a new business. Our expertise in the market means we can help you develop and improve both areas as well as helping you with market research based on the required parameters.

Third party partnerships have started becoming more and more relevant over the past few years and we have many contacts in various sectors of the industry. We believe in connecting non-competing businesses and creating synergies that benefit everyone.