Grotta Giusti’s home is the old family villa of a poet, in the heart of Tuscany, set in a large park with a thermal spring and an incredible thermal grotto.

Today, every detail and every ambiance is inspired by its special bond with the nature and the art of its surroundings. This is the very essence of Grotta Giusti that stems from its large centuries-old park, from the limestone rock and the healthy water of its grotto, and from the verses and the paintings of Tuscany’s nature.

Beauty from nature

The rooms of Grotta Giusti have been totally renovated. Today, each detail is a narration of Tuscan art, the nature of the park and the history that has been made inside these walls. The harmony of trees and plants is echoed in the wall decorations, paintings, and prints, in the elaborate and splendid shape of the chandeliers and appliqués.

The fabrics and upholstery materials have the texture and colours of bark and leaves. Wood shows its most precious grain, the metals used are in the warm colours of antique bronze and wrought and aged iron. The light filtered through the curtains is dappled by the leaves, and the marble in the bathrooms conveys the same feelings as the limestone that is sculpted by water inside the cave.

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