The palace of the rand Dukes of Tuscany

The frescoes and furnishings are still characterised by the splendour that welcomed kings and queens when they came for the waters of our thermal spring. Bagni di Pisa is a charming 5-star historic resort, a unique spa immersed in an enchanted territory.

Timeless meetings

Bagni di Pisa is an architectural jewel surrounded by nature where art and culture are an integral part of the atmosphere. Here, you will find the perfect combination of work and wellness. Discover the charm of the ancient palace and recharge with the endless offerings in terms of taste, wellness, and team building experiences

Thermal Pools

Our Bagni di Levante, after a careful restoration, are now dedicated to thermal waters and treatments, from the most traditional to the most innovative.
Here, the water has regained its original power to heal and relax.

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